Valkyrians is a Philly-based band that has established a reputation of a band hard to categorize, but with a memorable sound. Their foundation in the alt-rock category is tainted by Cris Valkyria’s soft, but potent vocal work with melodic folk and world undertones, and the incredibly counter-intuitive and octave-challenging harmonies provided by Valkyria and multi-instrumentalist/co-songwriter Lou Paglione will render you with a discombobulated, yet balanced and melodic impression.  Valkyrian’s solid, but raw sound picture is vaguely reminiscent of the prime time of musical history, but the mixology of classic roots coupled with the cross-genre flirtations and melodic harmonies, will ultimately leave a novel and interesting residue. 

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Also hear more about the process of songwriting by tuning into this Radio Interview of Cris Valkyria and Lou Paglione and their acoustic versions of Valkyrian songs.

Cris Valkyria

As follow up to her solo EP, Cris Valkyria is about to release her debut album with her band, Valkyrians, much to the excitement of her already growing fan base.  The album, which will carry an updated version of her original six songs from the EP along with six additional brand new tracks, is expected to gain interest from around the world.  

The development of her unique style stems from her lifetime interest while born and raised in Norway by a non-musical family. She picked up the guitar to accompany her poetry at the age of 17 when she had left the nest to try out her flying capabilities. Though music was central to her heart, she put education first and graduated as a licensed psychologist from the University of Oslo, and managed to see quite a bit of the world before she settled in Philadelphia, USA.

It was in Philadelphia where she has developed a musical aspect of her selfhood, and her profound influence as an indie artist has made a positive impact in the highly competitive Tri-state area.  Her journey continues to create much interest from others with her powerful songwriting and musical style.  She frequently performs the major music venues in Philadelphia with her band Valkyrians. She is also often seen as a duo with Lou Paglione; either performing original Valkyrian songs, or as a part of a children songs project: Cris & Lou

Cris’ unique music is often described as adult alternative, with a intriguing rock drive that elevates heartbreak and relationships in the forefront of emotional cataclysms. Her lyrics touch both the heart and the cortex, while her powerful voice is an intoxicating blend of Nordic and Oxford English which defines this Muse with her extraordinary sounds...  

Lou Paglione is a tremendously versatile multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.  His former musical merits ranges from playing with bands opening up for acts like the Hooters and Cinderella, to playing the accordion on the Al Alberts Showcase television program as a young, prodigious 6 year old Italian immigrant. His interests are as wide as his musical influences; indeed, he has with great dedication and success nurtured his passion for athletic sports, poetry, visual arts and writing in his lifetime. As a daytime “pass-by” he dons expensive suits while nourishing his quite successful business career within the 

Commercial Insurance industry, and is also quite the devoted father of two boys. Lou is currently active as one of the two songwriters of the original indie-alt rock band Valkyrians, where he plays bass, keys, and accordion. He is also often seen representing the Valkyrians as a duo with Cris Valkyria, playing lead guitar and providing depth, and haunting melodies with his extra-ordinary harmonies and unique ability to create an intimate musical chemistry on stage. In addition to playing with Cris Valkyria and the Valkyrians, Lou is occasionally seen playing alt. rock cover songs with the Cheapsuits, and last but not least, he is also the second half of “Cris and Lou” - a popular children song’s project with a strong social mission, which he co-owns with Cris Valkyria.

Mark Harris ,Valkyrian’s lead guitar player, is a sought after session player and working musician around the Tri-State area. A multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass and keyboards, Mark has studied music most of his life, including formal training while attending college. As a life long professional musician, he is a 

veteran of the club and recording scene from Florida to New York. Mark is co-owner of a local Delaware professional sound reinforcement company and also owns an impressive musical instrument collection.

Valkyrians are lucky to be supported by the rock steady rhythm keeping of excellent drummer: Joe Dessereau